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What is an Address?

Part of our everyday life, addresses enable us to find and make contact with other people and services in our community. An address can be described as a particular place where someone lives, or the specific location of an organisation.

In the UK, blue plaques are used to identify addresses of cultural heritage. The London addresses of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Emmeline Pankhurst, George Eliot, William Blake, and Jimi Hendrix (to name a few) have all been commemorated with a blue plaque!


The structure of an address

21 Tavistock Grove (number & road name)

Croydon                 (post town)

Surrey                   (county)

CR0 XYZ                (postcode)


As well as a number, a residential flat or an organisations address may also include the name of the building. Take look at the English My Way centre addresses listed on their website, for some examples.


Sending a letter or parcel by post

An address works as part of our contact details, which can also include a telephone number and email address. A work or home address is traditionally the part we use to send and receive mail.

Whether it’s to send a letter or postcard, birthday card and present, or to pay a bill, you’ll need to address the envelope or package clearly, including:

  1. the name of the receiver of the letter or parcel on the front
  2. the return address on the back

More on how to address your mail.



Personal Details Form – download and print to practise your writing skills.

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