Daily Routine

Posted by on December 1, 2014

Activities we do everyday

A daily routine is something we always do, like waking up and going to sleep. These everyday activities tend not to change. A schedule on the other hand is a plan of activities which we may not do everyday. A schedule may include appointments or meetings for example.


Parts of the day

Our daily activities will take place at some time throughout a 24 hour day.  Click on each of the images below to hear how to say each of the four parts of the day. Repeat each word to yourself.


Your Routine

Everyone may have a different daily routine depending on family and employment responsibilities. Consider your daily routine – What do you do everyday in the morning, afternoon, evening and night?

My Daily Routine

Watch the following video, listening carefully to what each person says and then answer the daily routine questions in the quiz below.

1) What time does he get up?
2) At what time does he eat his breakfast?
3) At what time does he leave the house?
4) How often does she help at school?
5) When does she get home?
6) What time does she have her dinner?
7) When does he go to bed?


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