Transport Flashcards

Feb/1 By

A free set of 11 flashcards to learn transport vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation.

Directions Flashcards

Jan/28 By

Improve your vocabulary and grammar with these 10 free flashcards!  Learn how to give street directions, and understand some prepositional phrases.

2D Shape Flashcards

Nov/9 By

A free set of 14 interactive flashcards to learn 2D shape vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation. Each card contains a hyperlink to Oxford Dictionaries. Learners can read word definitions and example

Colour Vocabulary Flashcards

Sep/28 By

Learn to spell 12 colours with these free vocabulary flashcards! Each card has a hyperlink to Oxford Dictionaries definitions, where learners can read example sentences, listen to pronunciation and find

Numerals 1 – 100

Apr/20 By

A5 colour flashcards for teaching and learning numbers 1 – 100. This set of flashcards also includes cards for numbers 105, 110, 1000 and 0.

Numbers 1 – 10

Apr/20 By

A pack of A5 flashcards to use for teaching and learning basic numeracy. This set of flashcards also includes a card for 0.

Parts of Speech Flashcards

Parts of Speech Flashcards

Jan/11 By

You can study sentence structure by learning the eight parts of speech and their functions. Download these flashcards to identify basic parts of speech. Each flashcard includes example words and sentences.

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