The Human Body

Nov/1 By

A handout and worksheet to teach and learn basic parts of the human body!   Vocabulary and Grammar Exercises Learn vocabulay and practise writing the different parts of the body.


Jan/5 By

Learn how to set SMART objectives with this worksheet pack. Download for free and stay motivated as you work towards achieving your goals!

Singular and Plural Nouns

Nov/10 By

Learn how to form plural nouns! This grammar handout includes examples of singular nouns, and the rules to form their plural.  

London Boroughs

Nov/9 By

Find you way around London with this list of the 32 boroughs, popular attractions and their postcodes.

Countries & Nationalities ABC

Oct/26 By

An ABC list of countries, nationalities and their language(s).

Fruit and Vegetables Vocabulary

Oct/26 By

A free interactive PDF, to learn fruit and veg. vocabulary. Hyperlink to Oxford Dictionaries to read definitions and example sentences, listen to pronunciation, and find synonyms and antonyms. Useful for

Parts of Speech for Beginners

Sep/8 By

Learn the basics of English grammar with this parts of speech handout!

One – 100!

May/8 By

A4 number table (1-100) with cardinal number spelling list. Download in colour and black & white.

Cardinal, Ordinal and Nominal Numbers

Apr/27 By

Two charts of ordinal and cardinal numbers with spelling, descriptions and examples of cardinal, ordinal and nominal numbers. This resource can be used in class as a handout.

Contractions Anchor Chart

Apr/14 By

An anchor chart of common and not so common English language contractions.  The space provided can be used to practise writing sentences with and without contractions.

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