Personal Details Form

Jan/22 By

If you need to complete application forms and want to begin writing about yourself, download and print this personal details form to develop and practise your writing skills!

My Daily Routine

Dec/15 By

Four A4 sheets with daily routine vocabulary and exercises for Beginners. Download this Word file (docx) to practise reading and writing skills, using common vocabulary for daily routines. Then plan your week with the

Adverbs of Frequency Chart

Adverbs of Frequency

Dec/8 By

Some adverbs are used to describe how often an activity occurs.  These are called adverbs of frequency. Download this png file to use as a classroom display or handout to

Four Types of Sentences Infographic

The Four Types of Sentences

Nov/29 By

This infographic outlines the four types of sentences used when speaking and writing. You can use this printable as a handout during class and as part of revision or homework.

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