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Posted by on October 4, 2015

Let’s go shopping!

There are so many things you can purchase when shopping.  Of all things we can buy, food is an essential!

Knowing the names of the food on offer in markets or supermakets, will help you make selections and ask for the things you need.  Making a shopping list also helps to organise yourself, whether you shop on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and if you’re shopping for particular meals, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Countable and Uncountable Nouns

This shopping list has some of the food items you could purchase, like fruit and vegetables.  Make sure you know how much of each item you’d need when you make your list!

Notice the items on the shopping list are written with either an indefinite article, a number or with a weight in front of them.  Uncountable nouns usually have a single form.  Here they refer to substances and liquids e.g. rice, milk.  Because these nouns cannot be counted in the same way as countable nouns, they need a quantifer to measure and show how muchWith food, these quantifers are usually containers e.g. a packet of crisps.


Shopping List



The table below has some uncountable nouns and their quantifiers.  Note that some items such as rice, can be packaged in more than one way.

Quantifier (container) Uncountable Nouns
a bag of flour, rice
a bottle of coca-cola (soft drink), cordial, water, wine
a box of cereal, rice
a can of beer, lemonade (soft drink)
a carton of fruit juice, milk
a jar of honey, jam
a packet of jelly
a pat of butter
a six-pack of beer, soft drink, yogurt
a tin of fruit, tuna
a tub of margarine


These containers can also be used for countable nouns:

a bag of potatoes, apples, onions, (and other groceries)

a box of crackers, chocolates

a carton of eggs

a jar of olives

a tin of beans


Other quantifiers of fruit and veg.

a bunch of grapes, bananas

a head of lettuce, cabbage

an ear of corn (corn on the cob)






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