What is grammar?

Grammar is the building blocks of a language.  As a whole, grammar is a languages system; how a language works or functions.

How is English grammar different?

English is from the Indo-European language family and for speakers of other languages, English verb forms can be an area of difficulty.

If you’re learning Survival English, studying grammar may not be as necessary as knowing how to write your name, address or completing forms and applications. A good understanding of some grammar basics however, can be of benefit when learning and using any language.


English Grammar

  • Parts of Speech: Also known as word classes, parts of speech are the word groups used for verbal and written communication.  Generally, there are eight basic parts of speech.  This can change depending on the tense in which a word is used.
  • Tenses: The three main tenses (past, present and future) each have a simple, continuous and perfect use.

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