Introductions and Personal Information

Posted by on January 22, 2015

“Hello! Hi. Nice to meet you!”

Knowing how to introduce yourself well, and the ability to describe people and places, are all part of good communication and relating to the world around you.

Beginning with a greeting which can be related to the time of day and social situation, you introduce yourself using your name.  Your first name is sometimes called your forename, and your last name is sometimes called your surname or family name.


Example introductions:

  • “Good morning, my name is Andrew.”
  • “Hello, I’m Toto.”
  • “Good afternoon, I am Dr Rayhan Sharma.”




As well as your name, you could also include your age, nationality, occupation, address, religion, and family.



My name is Sara.  I am 25 years old and Spanish.  I work as a manager in North London where I live.  I’m not religious, but I do come from a Catholic family.  I have two younger bothers and an older sister.  We visit our parents in Spain during the holidays.




  • Writing about yourself – Practice your writing and spelling skills.
  • Personal Details Form – Fill out this form and write a short paragraph about yourself with the information you provided, to develop your writing skills.  You can also complete this registration form if you would like to sign up for English Language Lessons.
  • Verb be: I and you – Practise forming sentences using the be verb and pronouns.
  • English names – Learn and practise spelling some first names in English.

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